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I’m Sorry

This has been a VERY busy year for me. But I promise I will be coming back.

Sorry if i sound stupid but you had a post about the circuit board PC base plate, I would really like one! What do I google to find others like it? I can't find anything! Thank you!

That base plate is custom made using a laser cutter. I’m not to sure where you can buy them, Sorry.

such a hot blog... omg I'm obsessed with the beauty of custom computers

Thank You so much :) I’ve worked pretty hard on it. But I am having a break since I am moving at the moment.

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I have been taking a break from everything. I will be back soon!


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Favorite build you have done?

Hm.. That’s a bit of a tough one.. But i would have to say my Portal computer build. It’s nothing too flashy, But it was my first personal water cooled build.

But, If I could do it over, I would do two separate loops instead of just one.


call me an artist

Merry Christmas everyone!